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Healthy Food for Children with Kidney Disease

Following a healthy diet is an essential part of the treatment process, not only because it helps to feel better, but because it helps the kidney patient to avoid complications of kidney failure.

Potassium control:

  • Potassium is an essential element of the body to maintain the water balance between cells and body fluids. 
  • All foods containing potassium but some of these foods contain high rates of it.
  • The diet of a kidney patient should contain a limited amount of potassium around 2000 Mg / day ....... More information

Controling fluid intake:

  • The daily requirement for each patient varies greatly. In general, patient should drink water as much as it is taken out with urine.
  • The amount of fluid for patient is calculated by the doctor according to the condition of each patient taking into account the age, weight and quantity of urine daily. This amount covers fluid loss through the skin / lungs.
  • The amount of urine decreases in most patients who are doing dialysis ........ More information

Controlling Phosphorus:

Phosphorus is one of the mineral salts that the kidneys get rid of through the urine. When kidney failure; phosphorus accumulates in blood and can cause many problems such as: muscle pain and osteoporosis, which causes boon breaking, in addition it causes calcification of heart vessels, skin, joints and blood. To maintain levels of phosphorus in body you should follow these tips:

• Commitment to low phosphorus meals, so that the phosphorus content in food does not exceed 1000 mg per day.
• Do not forget to take low-dose phosphorus medicines prescribed by your doctor 
……More information

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