Pediatric Nephrology Center Excellence

  • Professor Jameela Kari
  • Professor of Paediatrics &  Consultant Paediatrics Nephrologist.  King Abdulaziz University (KAU)
  • Director of Pediatric Nephrology Center of Excellence (KAU) 
  • Head of Pediatric Nephrology division (KAU)
  • CV of Prof Jameela Kari

Humans are blessed with two kidneys portraying the creativity of the Creator. The anatomy being as meticulous and intricate as it is complements the function of the kidneys in every way, shape and form. In addition to their ability to get rid of the body’s toxins and excess fluids, the kidney plays a diverse and crucial role in the human's body including the ability to control blood pressure, hemoglobin level and acid base balance. Additionally, they are also important for bone health. Therefore, the kidney is an essential factor for optimum health in humans. Kidney Care starts from antenatal period and diagnosis of congenital defects of the kidneys can start while fetus is still in the uterus during pregnancy through ultrasound done routinely during regular checkup.

A variety of factors are required to obtain optimum health in children including the early diagnosis of kidney diseases, providing the required health care, giving an appropriate treatment to maintain kidney function and prevent further deterioration. The majority of kidney diseases in children have genetic causes and are congenitalوwhile the remaining are acquired.

In the Pediatric Nephrology Center of Excellence, we aim to provide comprehensive health care among children with variable kidney diseases including the treatment of cases with advanced kidney disease and offering dialysis which is a sophisticated treatment for these children. We seek to enhance the diagnosis of rare diseases among children by means of performing genetic and and various laboratory tests which could be done by collaboration with known expert centers in this field in Western countries.

Furthermore, we aim to help children with acute kidney injury by offering the right appropriate treatment which may save the kidney functions and prevent further deterioration in the future.

We seek to raise awareness of kidney diseases in children among the general public of Saudi Arabia.

An additional objective of ours is to continue to provide fellowship training in pediatric Nephrology for young trainees and we also aim to work more on clinical researches to increase the knowledge and ability to offer best outcome for these children. We are currently in a partnership with international universities such as Harvard University in the United States of America and the UCL in the United Kingdom which gives us the privilege of having more accuracy in our diagnostic abilities providing treatment of high international quality.  

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Last Update 9/26/2017 10:46:55 AM